Restaurant at Bed and Breakfast Sutton

Ideally, a Bed and Breakfast kind of accommodation is known to serve only breakfast to the visiting guests. Most of the owners of such accommodations serve food either in the rooms or in a common area. But at Bed and Breakfast Sutton, the things are a little different. We have converted a part of the property into a fine dining restaurant. Although it is a small area, we have tastefully decorated the place to serve our guests. The furniture and the decor have been chosen to give a very cosy and homely feel to our guests. There is also an outdoor patio arrangement available near the restaurant area. The guests can sit there and admire nature while having their breakfast. We have a small team of four people who assist us in managing the restaurant along with the other part of the property.

The idea behind creating a separate restaurant area was to offer our guests with some delicious and mouth watering food along with fantastic hospitality. Along with my wife, I prepare breakfast for our guests. Also, we are fortunate enough to have a friendly team who are always ready to assist us. At our restaurant, we offer some of the best mouth watering and local delicacies for breakfast. List of treats that we offer include poached eggs with whipped yoghurt, porridge topped with dry fruits, apple and maple syrup, toasted sourdough bread with jam, creamy scrambled eggs, hummus-on-toast, dressed with a sweet chilli sauce and many more. Apart from them we also have other continental dishes as well on offer for the guests. As a part of our hospitality, we also allow our guests to customise the menu and order as per there tastes. We use only the freshest ingredients mostly obtained from the local farmers. We are looking forward to offering our services and guarantee that you will leave extremely satisfied with our hospitality.